What is a leased line?

Leased lines explained in more detail

When you purchase a leased line you gain access to a dedicated internet connection that is only used by your business. Instead of sharing a broadband line with neighbours – which is how they are commonly set-up – your business gains direct access to a high-powered connection that directly serves the needs of your company.

In practice this ensures you can receive optimal speeds anytime you need. When multiple users are interacting with a shared connection, this can sometimes slow things down, affecting crucial businesses processes and leased line ensures that is never an issue you have face.

Why should I buy a leased line?

While a leased line is a more expensive option compared to a shared line, the benefits it can add to your business will ensure you immediately see a return on your investment. A leased line will allow you to:

  • Upload and download data at the same fast speeds
  • Enable a large office to connect without affecting usage
  • Allow staff to access important files remotely without delays
  • Host multiple websites on an in-house server if required
  • Back-up large amounts of data using online services

What sort of speed will a leased line provide?

There are a variety of speeds available, although in many cases 2Mbps, 10Mbps and 100Mbps often prove to be popular options. If there is no limit to your budget, you can go as far as installing a 10Gb connection.

Advantages of installing a leased line

The benefits of installing a leased line into your business include:

  • Use of a sole internet connection not shared by anyone else
  • Higher levels of performance and a more reliable internet connection
  • Lightning fast upload and download speeds to support cloud services and VoIP
  • Increased security of important data due to the line not being shared
  • In many cases you will also receive a static IP address

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