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What is a leased line?

When you purchase a leased line you gain access to a dedicated internet connection that is only used by your business. Instead of sharing a broadband line with neighbours – which is how they are commonly set-up – your business gains direct access to a high-powered connection that directly serves the needs of your company.

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Business Telephony Explained

Business telephony is an internet based service that enables businesses to make and receive phone and video calls, messages and faxes online. Traditional telephone services are circuit-switched, with each call given an individual line. Business telephony, commonly referred to as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), instead sends the data in small packets over a broadband connection.

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CPaas Explained

What is CPaaS? Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) is a cloud based technology that serves as a powerful additional tool for businesses. Not only can a CPaaS integrate voice communications, but you

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How Cloud Services can help your Business

In an increasingly competitive commercial world, businesses are constantly looking at ways to increase their foothold in their respective markets. The introduction of cloud services has helped to revolutionise the way businesses of all sizes operate, providing a more efficient way to store data and communicate with clients. If you want to find out how cloud services can help your business, read on below.

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