Managing personal Internet usage at work

The growth of the internet has added real value to the workplace and allowed businesses to rapidly extend their global reach, opening up exciting new markets. It has revolutionised the way we communicate with each other, and allows us to conduct fast and in-depth research to support marketing and product development.

However, a big problem many businesses are struggling to resolve is the amount of personal time spent by staff on the internet during working hours. Recent research into the subject produced some revealing results. On average, UK workers spend only 3.7 days out of 5 focussing on their work. When you drill down deeper into the numbers, this equates to every employee spending over three hours on social media or shopping sites every week.

While financially this means salaries are potentially not be fully maximised (surveys suggest over £8,500 is wasted per employee, per annum), it also poses a number of operational issues for businesses.

The negative impact on your business

Businesses that are not connected to high-speed broadband face the problem of slow connections due to lack of bandwidth. On many occasions this can be due to large numbers of staff members looking at non-work related sites during working hours. The knock-on effect can lead to the slowing down of important file transfers and downloads, while also affecting performance levels of key communication tools.

Most bosses prefer not to clamp down on internet usage as long as it does not affect negatively worker productivity. But smaller companies need to find a long-lasting solution to this issue, as the effect it can have on operational performance can prove costly.

We’ve created a long-term solution

This is an issue we continue to hear about from our customers which has driven us to source a long term solution. After working closely with our established tech partners, we have developed a Cloud Connect service that provides a VPN (Virtual Private Network) directly connected to Facebook, Twitter and other popular websites.

Not only will it help take the strain off your broadband connection, but it also enables your business to connect to cloud based software, allowing it to run faster and more efficiently. For businesses that use custom built CRMs, payment gateways, rely on regular file transfers between offices, and for remote workers who need a reliable connection, our Cloud Connect solution opens up a range of possibilities.

How our Cloud Connect solution works

Using our bespoke Cloud Connect service provides a dynamic solution to networks that are slow, unstable and inefficient.  It guarantees a dedicated and private connection for your cloud infrastructure, helping to reduce costs, increase bandwidth throughput and improve overall performance levels.

Some of the key features of our Cloud Connect service include:

  • Flexible connections options to AWS, Microsoft Azure and Office365 via Express Route.
  • Scalable capacity to suit the needs of your business.
  • Dedicated bandwidth that can process large amounts of data with little delay.
  • Choose from a range of bandwidths to suit the needs of your business – up to 1Gb.

There are also no expensive extras involved by using the service. And if you need it to be delivered directly to your WAN, we can easily configure the package to suit. As a scalable solution, it is flexible enough to quickly react to changing demands within your business, keeping you in control at all times.

Installing Cloud Connect you are able to enjoy:

  • Reliably high levels of performance to support your business requirements.
  • A service supported by strong SLA’s that keep your priorities first.
  • Support of business data that keeps it secure and protected from viruses and hacks.
  • Noticeable cost savings with no need for expensive back-up solutions.

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