The Benefits of Full-Fibre Broadband for your Business

Full-fibre broadband is available to install in your business today, bringing your company up-to-speed with the latest technology and the many advantages it can offer. If you are brand new to full-fibre broadband, here are just some of the ways your business in London can benefit.

Faster speeds

Full-fibre broadband is even faster than the highest-speed copper internet connections. Options range between 5 Mbs to 100 Gb. As you are not sharing your connection with anyone else, the speeds will not be throttled and slowed down as long you are not using Wi-Fi.

Access to the cloud

More businesses in London than ever are relying on the cloud for data storage. Full-fibre broadband provides faster access to any applications or information being stored in the cloud. This is crucially important for sales and customer service teams who will no longer have to manage delays in communication.

Guaranteed mirrored speeds

Not only can you easily access the cloud, but uploading and downloading data becomes even faster. Full-fibre provides the same upload and download speeds, which is key for any business constantly sending and receiving large files. Standard copper connections are only able to offer a 10th of their download speed.

Improved customer communication

In the 21st century you should not be experiencing an unreliable internet connection. Compared to traditional copper internet, full-fibre broadband wiring is weather and electrical resistant and won’t be damaged by fluctuating conditions. That means no more downtime, just a strong connection so you get exactly what you pay for.

Remote connectivity

Full-fibre broadband keeps you connected with your business wherever you are. Time is money and the technology allows you to experience seamless video conferences from any location. It’s the perfect way to support sales teams and management, making the business leaner and more efficient in the process.

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