Business Telephony Explained

What is business telephony?

Business telephony is an internet based service that enables businesses to make and receive phone and video calls, messages and faxes online. Traditional telephone services are circuit-switched, with each call given an individual line. Business telephony, commonly referred to as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), instead sends the data in small packets over a broadband connection.

Since being introduced during the mid-90s, the technology has transformed the way businesses communicate. It is now used by the vast majority of businesses as it provides a fast, secure and reliable way of transmitting vital business related information.

Business telephony features

Businesses of all sizes rely on the technology due to the many features it provides, which includes:

  • Making calls and receiving voicemail remotely
  • Call forwarding which connects to landline or mobile numbers
  • 3-way conferencing for important business calls
  • Number porting of any existing number when moving office
  • Unified messaging which provides voicemail to email
  • Speed dials to make connections shorter and more efficient

Alternative options for smaller businesses

Not every new or start-up company can afford to install the hardware required to run an on-site business telephony service. However, the emergence of cloud technology now allows smaller businesses to use a hosted line instead.

A hosted line provides all the functionality and benefits that come with an office-based phone system, without the additional hardware costs. It acts as a virtual phone system that is hosted in the cloud, with the hardware installed at an off-site location.

How will business telephony benefit my business?

By installed business telephony into your business you get to enjoy the following:

  • Lower costs as the system is cheaper than traditional phone lines.
  • Greater flexibility to manage the service to suit your business.
  • Multi-functionality which includes calls, videoconferencing, voicemail to email and more
  • Business telephony services can be up or downscaled quickly and easily
  • The system can be installed, configured and maintained with very little additional work.

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